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Carolyn Hunter 






Hi. I'm Carolyn Hunter and I am embarking upon a new journey of combining my passion for children, dogs and writing with a purpose of promoting positive self image, self esteem, and inclusion among children.


As a caregiver of young children for over 25 years, I understand instilling positive care values at an early age establishes a strong foundation in a child's life that he/she may build upon to ensure a well rounded and productive adulthood experience.


My Chinese Crested Hairless Dog, MacKzie helps spread our message through her whimsical and loving nature. We are a team, on a mission to promote kindness and love in the hearts of children in hopes to change the trajectory of a world grown numb to the emotions and basic needs of others.


If you're a parent with young children, teacher, caregiver, dog lover or someone just needing a reason to smile, you've come to the right page.

Covid-19 and Our Youth
Bobby Gailes January 27, 2021 in TAKING IT TO THE STREETS Teaching kids about COVID-19 and kindness. My guest today is doing just that in her new book called Mean, Mean COVID-19. My guest is Carolyn Hunter – Daycare Owner and Author of the Book Mean, Mean COVID-19.




About Mean, Mean, COVID-19

Unprecedented times often reveal deeper perspectives of one's values and priorities. A global pandemic, “Corona virus aka Covid 19” has become the “symptom" of other pathologies within our country such as systemic racism, hindered bipartisanship, and an extreme deficit in empathy and human kindness.


Sadly, a measure of public safety as simple as the wearing of a face mask has become a political arm wrestling match amidst the astounding loss this pandemic presents. As a mother, grandmother and early childhood educator, I see the negative impact these collective diseases are having on our children which was the catalyst in my quest to write this book.


In addition to educating children on pandemic public safety measures, I also wanted to offer a spotlight on the “fruits" such as love, patience, kindness and goodness to promote unity, patriotic pride and genuine concern and appreciation for others .


The reward of working together for the common good is strongly emphasized in hope of combating the devastating repercussions that our bickering, apathy and division as a nation have caused during these most challenging times.


Over 75 Pages Of Content

“Mean Mean Covid 19” is a whimsical book of simple literary and illustrative symbolism that correspond to these ideals. The use of the color purple which derives from red and blue speak to the power of country over party, hence the purple state flags.


The diversity of the characters is also intentional, as is the word “us" which promotes the reunification within our United States. It’s a tool and an open door to better choices in and out of the season of Covid 19 for every child and every child at heart.


Although a much needed vaccine for Covid is not yet in our hands, the vaccine to heal our nation is in our hearts. May this book serve as a reminder of who we are, the United States of America.


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